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Rohingya Research Forum 

The Rohingya research forum is a research centre for academics and researchers who are concerned with securing and protecting the legal and welfare rights of the Rohingya.


The centre invites scholars, students,  policy makers, humanitarian workers, donors, media, activists, practitioners, officials, NGOs, community leaders, and other stakeholders to submit original short papers, discussions or concept notes on the Rohingya crisis or other cases of genocide, human rights violations, ethnic cleansing and collective violence. The centre's work is interdisciplinary in nature and will cover a range of topics especially targeting (but not limited to) the following:

  • Role role of healthcare and access to healthcare. 

  • Policy, identity, citizenship

  •  Rohingya language, culture and Literature

  • Humanitarian field work and logistics, with a focus on healthcare

  • Social and economic transformations and their perceptions

  • Trauma studies, resilience and inter-generational transmission

  • Law, transitional Justice and access to justice 

  • Media, representation and narratives of violence

  • Maritime studies and history

The centre welcomes researchers addressing these and other topics from the following perspectives: social sciences, political economy, sustainable development, history and historiography, heritage studies, human rights and dignity, public health, cultural studies, disaster risk reduction, education, humanitarianism, environmental and physical geography, law and social justice, women and gender equity, peace studies, GIS and remote sensing, sociology, development studies, international relations, religious studies, economics, genocide studies, psychology and philosophy, architectural design and shelter cluster, science and technology studies, global and regional security, diversity and inclusion, indigenous rights, language studies, and applied research. There is an emphasis on the role of healthcare and access to healthcare. 


Yasmynn Chowdhury is a PhD student at the University of Oxford with a background in microbiology, global health, and public health. Her PhD work seeks to better understand how systems of refugee governance, protection, and care affect the long-term health, wellbeing, and lived experiences of members of the Rohingya community, through a medical anthropological lens. Yasmynn  is the Co-Founder and the organiser of the Rohingya Research Forum. 



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