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1- water projects: installing tubewells

(past: camp zero point as well)


2- food drive: orphan cooked meals

(past: iftar packs to Imams, widows, orphans; qurbani; flood victims)


3- orphan welfare: cooked meals, teacher salary

(past: food, Eid clothes, sweaters, quran, shoes)


4-  misc: school fees for 19 students 

(Past: elderly blankets / Qurbani meat / masjid roof Repairs)


5- Ramzan Appeal 2021, inclusive of:

A) food packs for widows, orphans & imams 

B) Dry Iftar for masjids 

C) Tubewell installations

D) Eid gifts for orphans

E) Quran distribution

F) Tasbih & prayer mat distribution

G) cloth for men doing itikaaf

H) daily iftar for 50 orphans doing hifz

I) raise BDT 140,000 for masjid tin roof 

At Go4Rohingya we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve a small portion of the 1 million Rohingya refugees at Cox Bazaar camp, Bangladesh.


Our advantage over other non-profits is that 100% of our donations go DIRECTLY to the Rohingya population; we send money to a Rohingya ex-refugee who entered Cox Bazaar as a refugee when he was 2 years old, and spent the next 28 years of his life within the camp. He has now gained Bangladeshi citizenship; along with paid employment, he is undertaking voluntary work for the improvement of his people. Since our charity is functioning with the support of volunteers, we don’t have any admin/travel costs being taken out of our donations. 


Our volunteer's personal experience as a refugee, his easy access to refugee camps, and his relationship to the camp elders puts him in a unique position whereby he is able to ask the refugees what they require the most, allowing us to direct our funds as needed. 


A recent “needs assessment discussion” with camp elders highlighted the following areas of urgent intervention:


1) Clean Water Sources


2) Food Aid 


3) Roof Repairs (masjids, madrassa s, personal shelters)


4) Orphan Welfare (food, clothes, books, teacher salaries etc)


5) Medical Fees 


Accordingly, we have tried to tailor our fundraisers and campaigns to address as many of these as possible. PLEASE reach deep into your wallets and donate whatever you can to help! These people need us desperately.

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