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Rohingya at sea

Our aim is simple. No Rohingya should ever have to make this journey, in the hope of a better life.Go4Rohingya is closely monitoring and researching the root causes of the Rohingya taking this dangerous journey at sea and working with 3rd parties to prevent the loss of life.


This year over 500 Rohingya have died at sea. A dangerous journey with no guarantee and worse, upon arrival, these boats are often replenished and pushed out to sea, an unbelievable form of psychological and psychical torment. 


The sea and boats have become open graves for many Rohingya who find themselves in the hands of human traffickers and smugglers. Often these criminals have no regard for Rohingya life and see the Rohingya as cattle.

Our aims

1) Work with international law agencies and law making bodies to monitor and engage in legal instruments


2) Produce academic and policy related research to influence law makers and governments to review and change their policy towards Rohingya

3) Campaign and advocate for better conditions in  Refugee camps for the Rohingya 




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